Social Influence


Lets give it a nerdy start.

What is Social Influence?

When a person’s emotions, thoughts, behavior are affected by the people around, it is termed as social influence.

In a population of billion (country like India), if there are roughly 30% young population(10 – 24 years), which are more likely to be swayed away, 300 million people are influencing each other and framing different permutations and combinations of deportment the moment they are hanging out more with a set of people. How cool is that? And if I include the Social Media effect, it is just too gargantuan.

There was a theory quoting an interesting fact – A person’s behavior is the average of the behavior of five people we spend the most amount of time with.

So, people who deny getting influenced by the surroundings and other people are fooling themselves, as subconsciously, they are capturing some habits from others.

These can be as subtle as catching the phrases frequently used by that person or different mannerisms like talking, behaving, handling situations, etc. Oh! How can we deny not triggering that creative monster after watching Masterchef?

Here’s another gripping fact:

Our subconscious mind draws 40000 more observations than our conscious mind. So, even though our conscious realizations are shrouded, it cannot be overlooked that our observations are being stored and slowly infused in our deportment.

Somehow, the advice given by my parents about the right company holds more substance now.



Its a powerful word. Powerful enough to mould you and help you understand your alignment of thoughts. There are thousands out there speaking up just for the sake of it. My reference here are the opinions put forth by people belonging to the sensible category.


Imagine this.

There’s a discussions going on, an intense one. Everyone is participating actively and are somehow being unanimous on a single viewpoint, simply stating their reasons for assenting. But something’s pinching you. The opinion they are agreeing on is not what you agree on. Oh! But you are afraid. Afraid, that you might end up sounding stupid for being different. So you settle down to be in unison. (Basically, this is like you trying to pose for a selfie with pout lips, though you might suck at it, just so you can post pictures on social media with ‘n’ number of irrelevant hashtags, only because there are many out there doing this thing and appearing cool. Now that’s stupid!) 

Why be fearful? For a couple of people out there who are always judgmental, no matter what you do? Such conscious and shy behavior need to be thrown out of the window. Care less about it. 

People! How have you been! Its almost 7 months since my last post and it looks like ages. So thought of revisiting my old comfort place. I am going to try and post as often as possible, mostly because I love communicating with you guys via comments. So, Hi everyone!