Are you happy?

Such a simple question, isn’t it?

And yet is so difficult to answer. And it is true that short questions are the most difficult to answer.

This is such a powerful question that once we start pondering over it, it immediately takes priority over all other thoughts in our mind thus draining majority of our mental resources.

When we read or hear this question we start taking note of the current circumstances in our life and we jump to a conclusion of whether it’s a yes or no indicating a good start.

Honestly answering this question to ourselves helps us to take a peep in our lives and our innermost desires which we bury deep inside to live a life which we may not really wish for.

Once this question captures our mind slowly we start imagining all those desires that are presently voids in our life. Voids are those unfulfilled desires. Ticking off the items in our list of desires would be any person’s ultimate wish. This is a never ending list. Fulfillment of one set inspires us to prepare a new set and this is what life is all about. Desires give purpose and a motive to move on in our life.

Meanwhile there would be circumstances where our pessimism and negative thoughts would empower our thinking capability to an extent where we would feel lost. Reminding ourselves of our motives and trying to stay on the path we have chosen is the most ideal thing.

Our mechanical life have influenced us to an extent where we often just look at the gloomy part of our life and overlook all those beautiful moments and thoughts that make us happy.

It is just our perception and our overall insight of our life that all makes a difference.

So take out some time to understand your life, think about decisions made and rectify the wrong ones. Take effort to design your life the way you desired it to be and ensure that it’s a “yes” when you ask the same question next time.


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