Why not do the same thing the other way?


I always thought creativity was a quality which was inborne and with the same belief I went on. If we say intelligence can be developed then the same would be applicable for creativity too because what we don’t realise is creativity is a form of intelligence.

In simple terms, What is Creativity?

If we go as per dictionary language it is- Using our imagination to create something new.

But for me it is “Doing the same things in a different way.”

Creativity does not always have to be about art. It is just exploring our ideas, our observations and trying to bring in some originality in our activities. It is a way of making our life interesting. It is not the people around us who make our life beautiful and interesting, it is simply us!

It is thus very different from intelligence.

Intelligence is when you apply the concepts you know where it is actually required. Creativity is when you use the same concepts using different perspectives and in different activities. Creativity means purely being a child- Breaking all  boundaries, not involving our critical mind and just coming up with something new. It can be a new dance step which you can patent it as your own or coming up with a new recipe or it can even be a different way of picking up your bag instead of using that traditional method of leaning.. As I said “Think like a Child”.

Even Albert Einstein believed more in creativity and it is clearly evident from his statement –

             “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Today is the time when creativity is being recognized and is being rewarded. Even  today’s top management in companies are required to be creative for handling some practical complex issues.

So just clear up your mind, day dream and just explore your imagination. And if you are having some diverse and weird thoughts just welcome them. You never know “Today’s weirdity can be tomorrow’s creativity.”

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