Desire without expectation.

Desire resembles passion, belief and power. The beauty of this word lies in its simplicity. It does not reflect our egoistic self as desires are set by our innocent self. Our egoistic self sets expectations and end up harming us.

William Shakespeare beautifully said :

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”

At the same time, expectations follow desires. And this is when we are obsessed with the outcome of the desire. When expectation follow desires, it carries with itself baggage of worry, confusion and disbelief.

However, expectations from yourself are the pushing force leading to our own growth. Thus, Objectives and Goals are expectations from ourselves. 

Desire is when we simply enjoy the journey of fulfilling those desires without any expectations as to how will it turn out. Expectations tend to miss out the fun of uncertainty. Uncertainty often is looked upon from the point of view of negative aspect. But if we flip the coin we see its cherishing side. Uncertainty means surprises and who hates surprises?

 Expectations from people tend to hurt us more as it always leads to disappointment. Each and every person is different and if we expect a particular person to behave in a particular way then that would be futile effort.

Making desires is a part of our life journey. They give us purpose to move on in our life. Detaching from outcome is equally important. Life is full of surprises and to experience its fun nature-  Live in the uncertainty.

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