Feel Wonderful.

How often is it that you feel wonderful about yourself?

This feeling-wonderful-about-yourself feeling is so amazing that I feel I should capture it and revisit it whenever I feel I am going nowhere. Trust me, it’s possible.

There would times when we feel lost in a world and the thought that would keep circling our mind is-we don’t belong to this world. We try to understand the world, people around it but it all just seems difficult. Confronting that lost feeling and replacing it with our wonderful thoughts is the most difficult job. This is the initial point of we preferring our “own company” world.

There was a time when I used to feel there is nothing in this world I can’t do alone. But with the passing time, I realized this “alone world” thing was making me push away people around me. This was not good. Definitely we all are powerful enough to do anything we wish to. But there is one thing which we will miss out. SHARING. You cannot share your thoughts and some amazing moments. We miss out the fun of being around people-those laughs, those pranks on friends and what not.

This alone world is a forbidden world with no one in it but you. A forbidden world? Who would like to stay in this world for a longer period? There will be a time when we will feel strangled and our only wish-Get away from it.

Where is a clear distinction between our “alone” world and the “being around people” world, enjoying both these worlds is what completes our picture of life.

Where spending time with yourself is important to understand yourself-your desires, wishes, your strengths and your weaknesses, it is equally important to share a part of this world with people around you. At times even this contributes to that feeling-wonderful-about-myself feeling.

So just keep feeling wonderful.


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