We constantly have some thoughts in our mind and when we hear or read a word strongly connected to us, our thoughts just get shifted towards it.

So, with the trust word now ringing in our head we slowly divert out thoughts and we may recall some people who we trust or maybe some instances where someone broke our trust or we broke someone else’s.

During this entire recalling process was there a single moment when we thought about ourselves? By ourselves, I mean just us and no one else.

Let’s be practical and try saying that we slowly start associating this question with the phrase-Trust ourselves. Now we are on the same page.

Firstly, do we trust ourselves? Maybe yes or maybe no.

What do we really mean when we say trust ourselves? It simply means trusting our actions, our beliefs, our ideas, our intuitions and most importantly having that faith that no matter what I will stand firmly by my side.

We expect people to trust us and unveil secrets to us when there is deficiency of trust in us by us.(Oh my, too much of us!)

If there any regretful moments in my life then they are when I didn’t follow my intuitions, simply because I doubted them or many a times failed to recognize them and secondly when I felt depressed and dejected while going through a feeling of having no one by my side. I forgot my strongest shield and that is me!

Now I am definitely not trying to say that we should not leave our ego field and avoid accepting any contrary thoughts by others as against ours because we trust ourselves and there are less likely chances of we being wrong.

I just want everyone of us to eliminate that self doubt factor and build characteristics inhibiting confidence in our thoughts, actions or ideas.

So first you take a step and people will just follow your footsteps. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Trust.

  1. Interesting take on trust. It’s such a big topic. I agree 100% that it’s important to trust ourselves first. (To be authentic, to take risks, to act with our best interests at heart, to live our best life). But I think trust between people is a whole lot more complex. Can I trust you to do what you say you will? Do I think you have the skill to carry that out? Do you take account of MY interests as well as your own? And there’s so much more to it. I look forward to you writing more. Great choice!


      1. The least and the most.
        Its almost close to impossible in a world we live in today.
        The fake life, social life, we live has deprecated our real self.
        What do you think?

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      2. It has deprecated mainly because we easily get influenced by the outside sources and the influence is strong enough to belittle us.
        Meanwhile we forget who we really are, thus losing the trust.
        You presented a good thought!

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      3. Yours is a little better.
        “The influence is strong outside enough to belittle us.”
        The only way to fight this battle is to be surrounded by people who are rightly guided.

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