Think first, Act later.

How in the world can anyone follow the reverse procedure?

Abstruse land of weird people
Look, I created a land too. And I am the only inhabitant.

Unfortunately, I am that one who always lands myself in some embarrassing situations because of this acting first, thinking later characteristic.

Yes, I do that many a times. I am the one who is thinking about execution of second stage when I am still in the first stage. Result-Complete destruction in Stage 1.

There are reasons why I call myself weird. Having declared one of the reasons is actually giving me a satisfying feeling. See, you got the second reason to call me weird- Satisfaction after having universally proclaimed myself as a weirdo.

I WAS a very straightforward and arrogant girl. But my sensitivity and kindness has suddenly come out of its slumber party and has completely taken over the “arrogant me”. On top of that, I somehow have built a storey of useless thoughts in my mind, contributed by situations when I feel I should speak up but prefer to keep numb.

That storey was built over a strong plinth and the only way to get rid of it is by destruction and disruption. This unwanted, accumulated dirt has made me weak and has posed a wrong picture of mine to outsiders.

My distractive mind has thus switched off its hibernation mode and the final result-Acting first, thinking later.

And my new venture is to shift myself to a better land.

16 thoughts on “Think first, Act later.

  1. sweet of you to write so frankly… You are already a nice person writing and thinking this, putting it out through your actions.. I hope your journey to the land of your idea to be much you will be great success. .. πŸ™‚ Wish you luck…

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