How long was it that our source of happiness was free of comparisons with melancholy people?

Many will fall under the category where it is more likely to be counter questioned by asking-” Do you even feel you are making sense?”

But the former question just widens the scope of the materialistic life. Some are lost in a world where-

  • Benevolence and good emotions are displaced by malevolent feelings.
  • Comparisons with distressed people actually make them feel good because they are not a part of that journey.

Emotional dependence now seems to have a complete different angle.

To express simply, a troupe is being formed which comprises of people who may at times feel downborne not because they are failing but because others are succeeding.

Jealousy, competition, and other materialistic priorities have blinded them to an extent that their behavior is similar to a horse wearing blinkers but with a situation where the focus is on all ill thoughts and where distraction is required to wake them up and make them more conscious of their thoughts. ( There are pros of distraction too. :P)

“Create happiness” was a commonly heard phrase. Having misinterpreted this, the hallway chosen to lead them to it was the wrong one. The most obvious fact is that, this happiness is temporary and will melt faster than ice melting under room temperature.

When the happiness is not derived and when it comes from within we need to do a single thing-



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