Travel in a local train in Mumbai is incomplete without you encountering this word (and not listening to this word at least once in a day will make you feel like you’re not travelling).

If it’s the peak travel hours, you have to position your hands and legs in an angle while standing, else be ready to hear squawks from people ahead and behind you.

It’s the foremost thing Mumbai locals are tired of yet it’s the last thing they want to get rid of.

It’s the only place to experience opportunistic adjustment where peak hours open up doors to befriend daily travellers by offering their seats to those standing for a long time in front of them.

Observe people to witness all the emotions ranging from frustration to patience.

A different world it is.

10 thoughts on “Adjust

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  2. Travelling alone in a local train in India always gave me this feeling that I’ve grown up. The kind of adjustments you have to make,as you said. Definitely something that teaches you to survive any condition in life

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