Book Lovers

There are two categories of book lovers –
1) Highly possessive
2) Not much possessive; usually willing to share them.

Belonging to the latter category, I never shied away from sharing my books.
I get a satisfied feeling when the opposite person loves the book I’ve shared.
Of course, I have my check points to confirm whether the person I am lending to will take good care of it or not.

I, myself have read so many mystery thrillers purely based on lending arrangements.

During my internship days, I was once assigned a client whose Director loved reading books; so much so that he had a shelf filled with books of varied genres in one of the office rooms. I felt ecstatic when I managed to get the approval of the Director for borrowing the books. Train journeys and books have a special connection.

However, if you visit someone’s place next time and spot a shelf of books, be careful.
Some don’t like even a page turned of their book.

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