A glimpse of me

I am whacking my brain to find a way out to express myself and there you are, I saw you sneaking around, compelling me to write something right here right now.

So, hey! I am Reshma, a 20 year old girl from Mumbai, more likely to be mistaken as an egoistic and arrogant girl for being taciturn and less expressive during my initial conversations. In fact, there are high chances of leaving a person astonished by my over expressive responses.

My mind is a storage unit of fremd thoughts and that’s how I end up writing a post-Totally spontaneous.

Eventually, I have learned that I am a close relative of Distraction.

Being an Ambivert, my behavior is more inclined towards listening and observing when I am surrounded by too many people. Misleading as it may sound, given a chance, I may even end up speaking a lot, like lot!

Finally, if there’s ever a feeling of striking a conversation with me, mail me at-                        thesubtleryou@gmail.com




30 thoughts on “A glimpse of me

    1. Ambiverts are those who possess characteristics of both introverts and extroverts.
      We focus on behavioural aspect by describing ourselves as ambiverts, introverts or extroverts.
      I hope I was able to explain that a bit at least:P

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