Its a powerful word. Powerful enough to mould you and help you understand your alignment of thoughts. There are thousands out there speaking up just for the sake of it. My reference here are the opinions put forth by people belonging to the sensible category.


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Can I do this?

I would have thought at least a thousand times before posting this as it is going to be really personal and I am just pouring out the turmoil going on currently in my mind.

Should I drop out from blogging? This thought has already drained out all my energy and this sudden shift in my mood and thought process has confused my mind and body. This tsunami of questions is unable to find its way out from my brain.

I must admit for once that I do not have any dream to be an author in future or publish any book. I go through several blogs and I read about them having ambitions to do something significant in this writing field and I am left feeling-I am in the middle of the ocean thinking how the hell did I get here!

The reason why I had started this blog was not because I wish to be a writer but because I tend to be a listener and thus at the receiving end most of the time all the time. So for at least a few moments you readers put on my shoes and take time to read my thoughts and it simply gives me immense pleasure. The belief that “yes, there are people out there who are willing to listen to you too” takes its position back into my mind.

And truly I want to thank each one of you out there reading this for not wearing those judgmental hats and reading the post patiently. *A bear hug*

Wait! Where am I actually heading? No where. Because I am currently going through an emotion of I-don’t-know-what’s-happening. Strangely, I land myself in such flooding and yet no-thought feeling many a times. (Pondering is it just me who is this weird.)

Whenever I hop into some blogs and get that I-want-to-visit-this-blog-again feeling, I wonder, do I pass out similar waves? And this is the only thing that’s torturing me for a while and this thought is just refraining to move out and clear my head.

Obviously, its just my mind playing tricks again to harass me and by not entertaining it, it will just pass out.

So finally my stupid thought has come to a halt at the end of this post and this therapy of writing my emotions down has worked wonders again.

Dear readers, I love you all ^_^