Fierce yet calm.

The antonyms in that phrase are where the real jewels are placed.

My admiration goes for people who are resolute and strong enough to let no tribulation put them down or place them less closer to achieving what they want. And their approach towards achieving it is “a calm and composed” one.

My pathway usually looks like a trade cycle. More like this-


I always had this I-can-handle-any-situation attitude(overconfidence) which always resulted into me poorly handling many situations.

If I want something in my life, I set out with a fierce attitude promising myself to not get distracted. But when my thoughts mess up, I slide through, experiencing plunge situation. With much self motivation, I shake off the wrong beliefs to climb the staircase and enjoy surge again. So yes, I am determined but it gets shaken often and also gets balanced later.

Now this calm and composed approach is where all the crux lies-

Visualizing all our input to get the desired output is the requirement. To put it down simply, it means imagining all the scenarios that can come across our path, in a way helping us to look through all challenges and alternative solutions which in return ensures that in reality, we handle every situation by being responsive and not reactive.

Our proactive attitude may not always come handy especially when the least expected happens.

Some “not anticipated” situations are like a strong wave of wind. They come and go within a very short span. They can either sway us away with them or we can shield ourselves against them by acting right in that very moment.

Reaching our destination by maintaining a “fierce yet calm” attitude ensures we stay longer in our destination.

15 thoughts on “Fierce yet calm.

  1. Princessjm

    The “I can do anything” attitude is good! I too see myself as someone like that. I easily get distracted too, but what I do is I make a plan, write it down. So should there by anything that comes up that needs handling I do not get side tracked. There will always be the “not anticipated” situations but if you believe in yourself, you definitely can surpass that. Best of luck and thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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      1. Princessjm

        We all have our flaws but that doesn’t mean we can’t do better. Based from your description of your belief and perception though you can still be distracted at times I know you can do it! 🙂


  2. Believing in yourself when no one does is a power unlike any other.. there might be times when you are all alone and you still have to keep going for your dreams because that is the only thing that fuels you further… I can do anything attitude is most important then! & why can’t we anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree but in my case I utilized this attitude the wrong way and always entered any battlefield unprepared because of the thinking that I can handle any situation whenever it comes across which actually meant reacting the wrong way whenever I got the experience in reality!
      Still your point is absolutely correct. 🙂

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