Words deserve the limelight

I watch too many dramas but I am most mesmerised when the character narrates his/her thoughts about situations and life overall. For a moment after watching such scenes, I feel I should document my life using pictures and videos – the values I have, hardships, my ways to cope with it, my dreams, the way I converse with my friends, the topics I converse on, my nerdy side, the good thoughts I have and much more.

I obviously never do that except I journal. I know it’s an art to picture a scene in mind and implement the act exactly the way it is envisioned. The intended vibe manages to reach out the audience.

Storytellers are beautiful.

They explore their imagination and play around with words to express it.
They’re not simply talking, they’re narrating; we get lost in their world.
The form of expression is insignificant. Writing, saying it out loud or exhibit via act using fictional characters.

When I read books, I don’t need visuals to imagine what is happening or a voice to understand the tone. The narration and the texts takes me where the writer intends to (obviously not all have the skill to do that).
I have travelled to places and spaces just by reading.

That’s the magic of words and storytelling skills.

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