Choosing Bad Experiences over Regret

We all would have been at loggerheads at some stage in our life; choosing between options.

There is a possibility that the option selected doesn’t turn out the way initially expected, leaving you with a bad experience.

We hop on to ruminate our past decision, contemplating reasons for it to head the wrong way. Amidst all this chaos in our mind, we miss out on the most important thing – Lesson from the experience.

I strongly believe,“Whatever happens, happens for good”. There is a reason why a person is going through something. Believe it or not, it is honing you to witness a better version of yourself.

There’s a concept in psychology called “psychological immune system” which focuses on the aspect that it is likely a person will get over bad emotions quicker than expected. The system is working to protect/repair us from emotional whirlwind often witnessed by us from unfavourable events to restore the good mood. It is similar to our physical immune system. Everyone has it but is variable in proportions. That’s why we manage to cope ourselves through distressing times.

But how do you tag and associate an emotion with an event which never happened?

Hence, regret due to inaction is a misfit in this entire frame. There are two sides of seeing it –

Regret emerging from inaction (former one in the picture) sticks painfully in comparison to regret emerging from taking action but not having a worthwhile experience (latter one in the picture).

I recently had a brush off with an experience not worth recollecting but with the passage of time I was able to get over the downhill stage. I am happy I opted to take action by choosing an alternative instead of sticking to my comfort zone. To simply put, I have no regrets.

Its okay to at times go the unconventional way; before enacting, you are clueless what that decision has in store for you.

Instead of beholding regret of not doing something, go ahead and take action. At least you will have an experience (good or bad) to narrate!

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