End of Christmas Season

With the end of Christmas, ends the cakes and gifts season.

Each Year on 25th December, me and my sister used to wake up with a gift packed beautifully and containing items which we wished for besides us. We screamed each time when we did the unwrapping of those gifts thinking it was truly Santa Claus travelling all the way to India to gift only two of us.(So innocent!)

What was more exciting was the letter, which mentioned all our achievements along with a warning letter not to harass my parents and my Ajji(grandmother).

My friends used to laugh over when we shared about Santa gifting us and my mummy(mom) used to dismiss this conversation saying they are just jealous because Santa didn’t gift them.(We simply trusted her..AH! So cute :P)

When I turned 16 I stopped receiving gifts and so did my sister but yesterday there was this little surprise awaiting us again except for the part that we are not so naive now. ( I wish this attribute always stayed and never got replaced by “maturity”.)

We did not shout with enthusiasm when we saw those gifts as we clearly knew it was my mummy or my papa(dad) but I was ecstatic as with this flashed several childhood memories, missing the innocence and the belief that it was truly Santa Claus the most!

My parents till date have not confessed that they are our Santa Claus! And they never should!

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