I feared this word a lot. When I used to hear this word, I always experienced cortisol rush as my thoughts would start spinning towards negative memories and the statement “life is unpredictable” revolved all around. My imagination is just vivid when it comes to making up scary situations in my head.

Since “anything” can happen next moment, my thoughts eventually directed towards the question- What if my imagined scary situations turns out to be a reality?.. Oh my god! My level of stupidity has no limits.

Yes, our life is uncertain and unpredictable. If we can relate this to the scariest of our thoughts, then why do we fail to relate it to some most pleasant and unpredictable moment? We surely are unaware about any upcoming event in our life and hence that is the best part.

It might be a “love at first sight” moment or even joining salsa classes as I ended up joining one(which was completely unplanned). For that matter, creating a blog was yet another surprising decision as I myself didn’t know I could write. And cherry on the cake was receiving love and acceptance for my writings. Isn’t that enough to prove that this scary word has a flip side too?

That’s what makes surprises more interesting which carries the fun element along with it always.

This uncertainty is like our imagination. We never know where our imagination will lead us to. Similarly, we never know to which moment will this uncertainty lead us to. Just be patient and let the book of our life turn its pages on it’s own.

Build up that exciting attitude and there will be exciting events in our life. This is “The Secret” philosophy and I am eventually starting to believe it.

We may not always have excitement mode turned on in our life but at least we can just switch it on when it gets switched off.

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