Our Obsession with Complexities.

Life is a struggle, I often hear it and at times feel the same. Undoubtedly, we all have a share of bitter-sweet moments of our life. However, the sad part is our expectations and beliefs have made it difficult for us to experience pleasure in simple things.

We surround ourselves with thoughts that can have an impact of making a simple thing filled with intricacies. Life is a complex little world we create around ourselves. What is the meaning of life?

We feel it is a deep concept and this is the most difficult question to answer. It’s not. Life is simple.

We are so obsessed with these complexities that we just doubt simplicity. “How is this so simple?” will be our question if we come across something simple.

We worry about everything. Be it career or exam results or even friendship. Will my friend be free to meet me? Should I ask her? Oh,will I sound too desperate if I keep calling her frequently? A single phone call and a direct question is all that is required to clear our doubts. But we keep our mind occupied with those stupid questions thus increasing the list of complicated things in our life. Being a finance student we were taught that the accounting complexities is a reason why an accounting professional is required to inculcate ethical behavior. Indirectly,ethics is a non requirement if there are no complexities. So the complexities further lead to more complexities.

Finally, if life is simple, then what is difficult? – Holding on to the belief that “Life is simple” is the most difficult thing.

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