Fear of rejection.

How can I not talk about it when I have feared it all along my life ?
We all fear rejection and at times girls outscore boys when it comes to this particular zone( This point of view is purely from the fact that guys at least approach girls for relationships knowing that the chances of getting rejected are high). I know that sounds weird but that’s the way I have seen at least in India.

Why do we fear it? Simply because it hurts our ego. Sadly our egoistic self enjoys the triumph AGAIN. (Refer here)

Β We all have our comfort zones and we tend to just settle in it refraining to move out. Blame the predetermined notion in our mind that rejection will be the only return in case we try doing something different or something out of our comfort zone.

Rejection cannot be just associated with our career or relationship. In fact I feel there are no boundaries and probably this could be the worst thing. We can stretch this point to simplest of the things like not wearing a particular dress or an accessory fearing negative comments-Rejection!

I am no different. I fear communicating or approaching people fearing refusal in return. This fear restrained me from publicizing about my blog too. I did not share about it with anyone because of this prolonged thought that I will not receive any appreciation for my work. But a single realization lead me to sharing about it with more people. I reminded myself of the purpose of creating this site and it was simply sharing my thoughts. Conveying my words in the most simple way I can so that people can relate to it. I have always loved sharing my ideas and thoughts with people and I couldn’t think of a better platform than this.Β 

One of our professor always stressed on this point. He used to say rejection should never be taken as rejection but a blessing in disguise because it clears the ambiguity spread in the atmosphere because of the situation and with the “NO” word we are now more clear about our path.

We just waste our mental resources by feeling dejected by rejection. Instead clear your mind and take a positive look at this aspect. There is definitely always a way out..How-to-refuse-fear


23 thoughts on “Fear of rejection.

  1. True. I can relate to that because I am only too familiar with the way things are in India. People don’t even smile here assuming the smile won’t be returned. I used to fear rejection too. But there comes a point when you realize that no matter what, somebody or the other will reject your actions or words. But their rejection is only as powerful as your willingness to let it hurt you. Stay strong! Well written. πŸ™‚

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  2. This post makes a great point. I can definitely relate to you about not wanting to publicize my blog, except that I don’t want to share my blog with any of my friends and family. I fear that my writing is too shoddy, or my ideas are not developed and they will instead offer a lot of constructive criticism. Fear of man is such a silly thing, but it is so hard to shake off when society has engrained it into us, especially women. Wonderful post!

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    1. About developing your ideas you need to start to develop and you already have started. Welcome the criticisms. Those criticisms should be pondered over and if you feel this is where your weakness is then that’s great. Work on it and if not shrug it off. It completely depends on us how we extract from this society in the best way possible. Just keep expressing truly and honestly..You can never go wrong !

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  3. Hi Reshma, I am visiting from the bootcamp and I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. I struggled with fear on starting my blog because I didn’t think I was good enough. Recently, I conquered the fear and here I am today… getting a great tips from these courses. So, glad I took the step. πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi, I am commenting from the bootcamp. I really like your site and have the fear of people not liking or commenting on m blog. I love the book, Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway by the late Susan Jeffers. There are several things that I fear but I do it anyway. Like my blog. Much Success!

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  5. This post has really captured my interest. I am for a world where we all accept one another; where no on rejects the other. I do not admire anybody who looks down on another human being. Your post is really important and I encourage you not to let this fear inhibit you. Many thanks for writing this.

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  6. Hi Reshma I am from the Boot camp and this post of yours has conquered my heart. In today’s world there is so much negativity and so less encouragement that on ends u feeling low, hurt and jealous from the successes of the others and desires others life. Rejection and degradation pushes me into a whirlwind of emotions. And so I end up breaking up but it helps…….what you wrote. THUMBS UP!!!!!


  7. Hi, I’m here through bootcamp. I love the message behind this post. I think we all fear something but if we use this as a tool rather than a disability we can overcome it. Thank you for sharing.

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  11. There’s a great Buddhist saying: No hope/ No fear. Means, as I understand it, we stay in the present, not projecting forward to the future and other people’s reactions or events, either “positive” or “negative.” You be you. How other people react to you reflects on them, not on you. Blessings.


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